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Hello and Welcome

My name is Keren and I am the person behind 'Finding Sanctuary'.

'Finding Sanctuary' is my business, it's my way of life and my Spiritual Path. 

Finding Sanctuary, is a place born out of my need to find myself. To shy away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and to truly connect with what is important - me. 

My personal path to Finding Sanctuary is a spiritual journey I have been walking all my life. 

It has been a long and windy road, with many twists and turns. Sometimes I have skipped along with an ease and grace, that lifts me up and brings sunshine to my face. While other times I have dragged myself heavily, inch by inch, across the jagged and muddy ground. At times I have fallen down an unexpected rabbit hole, so dark, damp and dreadful - yet sometimes strangely comforting.

At times I have waited for someone to care enough to come save me. Those times were long, dark and hard. People cared and people came, but no matter what they offered or how hard they tried, I couldn't grab hold of the rope of hope extended my way. 

That was until I found the courage and determination to be resourceful and help myself. It is in those moments, stuck at my lowest depths, that I amazed myself with the resilience, energy and commitment I was able to muster, to lift myself up and be the person I needed to be. 

I learnt that the only one I could truly rely on, and the only one who could assist me in returning to my own personal sanctuary of love, hope and joy - was me.

I learnt that my toolbox of life needed to be filled with things like gratitude, courage, patience, flexibility, self acceptance, compassion and love of self. But most of all ~ the desire to change.

I learnt that embracing the whole of me - the me I show the world, and my shadow me - is what it takes to truly love and accept the soul that I am. 

I no longer see parts of me as good or bad, superior or inferior. But just parts of the same jigsaw puzzle, all interconnected, having their own place and value within the whole.

As I have walked my path of life, I have accumulated a wide variety of knowledge, skills and experience. 

Growing up, I became an Aunt at the age of 14 and began dreaming of becoming an 'au pair'. I envisioned myself living in the UK (where my Mother had been born) and looking after a tribe of delightful children. It seemed like the perfect job. I studied for my Diploma in Child Psychology and then went no where. Thankfully the qualifications were not a total write off, as years later I detoured into Motherhood and have been blessed with 3 beautiful children. In my early 20's I did make it to live and work in the UK, but I never worked as an 'au pair' - it all now seems like such a distant memory.

In my late teens I volunteered at a local Adult Day Activity Support Service (ADASS). This was a very special time in my life where I learnt a lot about myself and the person I wanted to be. I loved spending time with the older generation and soaking up their wisdom. I also loved finding ways to improve their lives through leisure and health choices. It was through this experience that I decided to gain formal qualifications. I studied for my Bachelor of Health Science (Leis&Hlth). Then extended my skills further by studying units in Ageing and Pastoral studies at post graduate level. I am a qualified Health and Wellbeing Practitioner and Diversional Therapist. I have worked in the health care sector for over 30 years, most recently coordinating the support and delivery of social inclusion services to people over the age of 65.

I have a love of Oracle and Tarot cards and over my lifetime have accumulated quite an interesting collection of both. They have always been a part of my life. In fact I don't ever recall a time without them, even in my childhood. I love nothing more than to pull a card each day or consult them when I have a deep and meaningful decision to make. My method is very intuitive and I use Tarot and Oracle cards for guidance and insight. I am currently undertaking Denise Linn's Certified Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader Program  as well as her Gateway Dreaming™ Certification. Once completed I look forward to adding some new found knowledge to the way I use oracle cards and building upon my current abilities.

Energy healing is something I use regularly and learnt to do as a very young child. My mother used to lay her hands on us as kids, to heal us, or remove any pain we had. She would then place the pain into the wall.  Mum taught us to do the same. Back then she gave it no name and we accepted it as a natural way of healing. However I recall in the very early 2000's and the term Reiki emerging. It had come from Usui and had been brought to the Western world. Like many at the time, I trained to be a Reiki Master Teacher. Finally I had a recognised skill and people wanted to experience it. It was also around this time that my life path lead me to study for qualifications in Natural Therapies. 

Not long after in 2001, my family and I created an online website called 'Naturallythere4you', that was online until 2019. It provided New Age, Alternative and Complementary Therapy information and advice. Back in the day it had an extremely active forum community. It was spearheaded by Little White Dove (my Mum) and Rippling Brook (me). With the wonderful support of Wise Owl (my husband) and Running Bear (my Dad). We were extremely fortunate to be able to have many other wonderful individuals assist us along the way. They became  dearly loved and appreciated for their time and dedication to the community and for the wonderful contributions they gave so freely. This was such an exciting and memorable time in life. I hold out hope that one day we will have Naturallythere4you up and running in a new and reinvented way.

I am a certified Circle Facilitator, trained in delivering a variety of circles, both online and face to face. This resonates deeply with me. I feel blessed to be able to offer support to empower others in Finding Sanctuary within themselves. The idea of supporting other women as they go within and embrace their truth and power is so exciting. This part of my journey is new, and I hope that those who choose to join and grow with me, will be kind and forgiving, as I learn to dance my way forward.

I practice mindfulness in my life regularly, keep a gratitude journal everyday and love to meditate and practicing this daily, for the most part. Like all of us, I am human, and at times the best intentions fall by the wayside. Years ago I would have given up, told myself it isn't for me, that I can never stick with anything. However, through my journey of Finding Sanctuary within myself I have learnt to be gentler with myself, to accept my ability to be imperfect and know that this is perfect enough for me. I have a wonderful appreciation for the simple pleasures in every day moments. I am also extremely passionate about nature, animals and photography

To support my life long journey I have become a Meditation Teacher and undertaken Mindfulness Teacher Training and I love being able to share this learning with others and incorporate it into the way I hold space. Enriching my circle programs and connections and adding another layer of depth, while Infusing the sacred space on offer, as a safe space. Full of opportunity for healing, growth, improved health and wellness; tied up with mystical ritual, rhythm, the divine feminine, fun and so much more.

As a Complementary Therapist I have chosen to be a Premier Member of IICT