Keren Golab

Always striving to live life through Gratitude.


My life is simple, yet my hopes and dreams are big.

I dream of opportunities, connection and adventures. While hoping to capture the beauty around me, appreciating what I have and sharing it with others.

I wear many hats in life; such as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, photographer, artist, friend, student, teacher, Aussie, Irish, British, Polish and Pigeon.

As I switch between these very different identities, or embrace many of them at the same time, I have learnt that some suit me better than others. Many have hung around most of my life while others drift in and out, as I enjoy my journey here on earth. However, all of them have shaped the person that I am, and helped me to embrace the values that I hold so dear.

My life's journey has impacted on the way I see the world and how I photograph and interact with it. I have a wonderful appreciation for the simple pleasures in everyday moments. This is what I strive to capture in my photography, along with the beauty that surrounds me.


Pigeons Farm