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September 04, 2021
Sometimes our world can feel encased in beauty, lifting us up and keeping us strong. Sometimes of world can feel encased in fire, burning at the edges and scorching our...
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East Coast Tasmania

September 30, 2020
The beach is such a calming and tranquil place to be. I love the sound of the water lapping the shore and the feel of the sand beneath my feet. We were lucky enough to...
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Sebastopol Goslings

September 23, 2020
Four days ago we had some new arrivals hatch at our place. Their Mum was not keen on us getting anywhere near them, as she is very protective over her young. She did what...
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Connection is so Powerful

September 18, 2020
Connection is so powerful. It is what keeps us linked to others, as part of something bigger. Often these connections are invisible, just an energetic string holding peop...
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Souls Self Portrait

September 03, 2020
I am more than you see and deeper than my skin. I am love, support and guidance. I am compassion, empathy and understanding. I am goodwill, kindness and generosity. I...
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Mail Delivery

August 12, 2020
Mail Delivery A letter is so much more than just words on a page. It is an opportunity to connect to another living soul, an individual so unique that there is not anothe...
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Cold Frosty Morning

August 10, 2020
Cold Frosty Morning The air was chillingly cold as I stepped outside my front door to take my youngest daughter to school today. As we walked to the car, we were greet...
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Snowed In

August 04, 2020
Snowed In. What an eventful day we had today. The weather forecast said snow for the morning, but it wasn't until after lunch that it started to fall - and fall it did....
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Almost a Full Moon

August 03, 2020
Almost a Full Moon. Our Morning Moon, 5.53 am today. Stepping outside my front door I was greeted by the crisp cool morning air, whipping at my ears and swirling aroun...
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