Beautiful Loving Daisy

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Beautiful Loving Daisy

Friendship is so powerful, yet so often underrated or taken for granted. We have preconceived ideas of what a friendship should be and how it should look.

Connection is now the new buzz word, while for years we have worked to alienate ourselves from others. Not intentionally, one must acknowledge, but never the less, subconsciously. Over time we have seen that community and connections have lost their strength, often in place of solitude. Life has a way of picking you up and moving you forward, often in a direction one does not see. Just like the Earth moves around the sun, we too move around life, thinking we are on one path, only to realise that often the path is spinning in the opposite direction.

Suddenly the spinning finishes, chaos ensues and madness prevails. Yet graciously Mothers Earth calls to us, while all other sentient beings watch on. She sways in our presence, whispers to us with her breeze and nourishes us with her bounties. She speaks a different language, one we have lost touch with over the centuries. Yet she urges us to slow down and take notice, and as we do, we regain lost knowledge and understanding. We hear her voice and that of others who grace her shores.

Connection once again tugs at the heart, like the beating of ocean waves. Friendships are formed with others, who will never speak our name. We look to unconventional means of connecting. Opportunities to be loved. We desire a way back to what once was, a long distant memory ago.

Today I am grateful to be surrounded by unconditional love. The kind that sneaks up on you, when you least expect it. That runs to greet you, when they know you are near. The one that nuzzles at you, to bring you strength and understanding. The one that hears your deepest thoughts as shared, totally gets you, yet has no words to speak – They give so freely their presence, energy and love, without expecting anything in return. This is the true meaning of friendship and for that I am grateful.



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