Cold Frosty Morning

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Frosty MorningFrosty Morning

Cold Frosty Morning

The air was chillingly cold as I stepped outside my front door to take my youngest daughter to school today.

As we walked to the car, we were greeted with the sound of crunching ringing out from underneath our feet. As each step we took crushed the frost beneath our shoes.

The car was iced up, so I started the engine and flicked the whipper blades on. They danced rhythmically across the frosty windscreen, like talented ice skaters, curving to the left, then curving to the right, without missing a beat.

Slowly the ice on the windscreen started to come adrift. The warmth from the inside of the car caused pieces of ice to break away from the main section. Almost like the movement seen with tectonic plates, each small ice island drifting sometimes towards the main mass or away form it depending on how the whipper blades caused them to shift.

Once the ice islands melted, I was able to see through the window and off we went to the bus stop. As we descended down our driveway, we were clouded in a light spray of mist, which quickly turned into a sea of fog. Our visibility declined with each turn of the car wheels.

The drive to the bus stop was splattered with opportunities to see the road ahead, as well as moments of low vision. The car though, knows the way, and was able to navigate the twisted and sometimes iced up road safely to our destination.

My daughter got out and caught her bus. I however relished the return journey, along our dirt road back to our house. Enjoying the frosty morning, before ascending our driveway to the safety of home.

Today I was grateful for an extra ten minutes to my morning routine. This gave me the opportunity to actually see and enjoy the ice on my car windscreen, As well as be able to drive to the conditions. Giving me a no stress start to my day.



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