Pigeons Farm, our own slice of Paradise

Where we live is a huge inspiration to my life and for my photography. I am forever trying to capturing the beauty of this space, and all that dwells within it. So, let me tell you a little about Pigeon's Farm.

We are a small 'flock of pigeons' who get to enjoy living rurally on 20 acres in the Southern Midlands area of Tasmania, Australia.

Living amongst us are our animal friends; Isabella the dog. Henri and Bob the Alpaca's. Baabara, Maary, and Daisy our ewes, plus Snow our cute little ram lamb. We also have a number of Geese and Chickens who share this beautiful land with us and provide us with a generous amount of eggs.

Our latest edition to the family is our prized Guineafowl. We call him Rumbustious George, he has a very distinct and quirky personality and his name is reflective of his unique character.

Being rural also means that we have an abundance of wildlife sharing our space.

We have a resident Wombat living in the bottom of our property, being a nocturnal animal, we usually only see it when we head out early of a morning, or arrive home late in the day. We have also had the pleasure of seeing many Bushtail Possum's, Echidna's, and a Tasmanian Devil on occasion. Bennett Wallabies are always hiding out somewhere, along with the Potoroo's, Quolls and Pademelons and a trio of Hare's - just to name a few.

Our feathered friends are also in abundance here. We regularly see Kookaburra's, Yellow Crested Cockatoo's, Fairy Wren's, Green Rosella's and Black Currawong's along with a huge array of other birds. They flit around and make beautiful song, especially of a morning or in the evening. There is nothing more relaxing than sitting on our verandah, looking out over the valley in front of us, listening to the birds as the sun sets across the way.

Living rurally on 20 acres we are sure to have our fair share of snakes too, but thankfully we only see these irregularly. Tasmania only has three types of snakes. They are tiger snakes, copperheads and white-lipped snakes, but be aware all three types of snakes are venomous!